Streaming Raggedy Edge
Let us Stream You a Show
Hopefully COVID doesn't turn out to be the new normal, but till it's over, we would like to keep providing entertainment. And the best and safest way we can do that is by streaming our show to your computer hooked up to your big-screen TV through the Zoom ap. It's the next best thing to being live, because if your computer is directed to your audience, we can see you and you can see us.

How Can That Be?
Glad you asked. First, to allow us to see the audience requires the computer on your end to have its camera pointing to the audience. If it can be set at the same level as the television, that makes it more natural viewing for us.

It Takes a Little Time to Get to Know the Medium
Making the show believable and more interesting to your people is made possible through a few minutes of chit-chat between us and you as you introduce us to the people. When the intro is done, we can thank you by name, and this helps to let the folks know that we're live and can see and hear what's happening in the room.

The Facebook Option
If Zoom is not your thing, but Facebook is, we can also use Facebook to broadcast our show to your crowd. Interacting, in this case, involves using the Chat to type comments for us to read throughout the show. This option works well for those who would rather log into their personal Facebook accounts and follow the links to our page.

The Hook Up
These days, most TVs and computers have an HDMI connection, which makes it super-easy to run the computer to the television. If you've ever hooked up a DVD player, you can hook up a computer. I think most DVD players these days use HDMI, too, and most TVs have multiple HDMI connections. All that's necessary is an adapter cable to connect your computer type to the TV.

As with anything, advertising is necessary to let people know we're going to doing a show for you. Letting them know a few things about us is cool. Our About page does a cracker jack job of that, but in brief, something like:

BRIEF BIO: US-based recording and touring singer-songwriter duo Raggedy Edge is known for their wide diversity in musical styles, from country, rock, folk, blues, smooth jazz, to American standards. Live shows are filled with family-friendly fun, harmonies, musicianship, and creativity. Music lovers who seek positive, upbeat messages in their musical entertainment will get just that, plus lots of variety and surprises. They have criss-crossed the US many times, and recorded five CDs and two EPs on sale through

Or you could say:
Raggedy Edge serves up original songs that span the genres from folk to rock to blues to country, along with a healthy mix of covers by the likes of David Bowie, Harry Styles, Lorde, Bare Naked Ladies, Iris Dement, Kate Wolf, Eric Clapton, and even Frank Sinatra and Doris Day. Their show is comfortable, laid-back, yet pulsating with rhythm and beat.

We have pictures to download on our Electronic Press Kit page, along with videos and audio files to listen to. (Listen to all our music on

"You brought such a positive feeling to the winery. Loved your energy!"
~Dana Waldron, owner, Powell Village Winery Tasting Room, Powell, OH
"It doesn't get much better or more professional than these two talented musicians."
~Bill Skvarla, Owner, winemaker, Harmony Hill Vineyards, Bethel, OH

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