We perform as Raggedy Edge for our singer-songwriter, folk-rock shows, and as Littlest Big Band for the classic 20s, 30s, and 40s American Songbook Standards (and now 50s and 60s, too). Write us at to schedule a show. Plus, we're still scheduling online shows through Zoom or Facebook. (Shows listed below in blue are Raggedy Edge; others are Littlest Big Band.)

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1.1: Amber Lights, Tucson
1.12: Sherwood Village, Tucson
1.12: Sherwood Village Tucson
1.21: Brookdale Santa Catalina Tucson
1.28: Sherwood Village Tucson
1.28: Sherwood Village Tucson
2.2: The Watermark at Continental Ranch Marana
2.8: BAWAC, Cincinnati, Ohio (via ZOOM)
2.16: Atria Campaña del Rio, Tucson
2.23: *Atria Valley Manor Tucson
3.1: Atria Valley Manor Tucson
3.9: Sierra del Sol, Tucson
3.17: Mountain View Retirement Village, Tucson
3.18: Cascades of Tucson
3.23: Noble Hops, Oro Valley, Arizona
3.25: Sunrise River Road, Tucson
3.31: Sherwood Village, Tucson
4.14: Desert Springs, Tucson
4.22: Brookdale Santa Catalina, Tucson
4.27: The Watermark at Continental Ranch Marana
5.6: Cascades of Tucson
5.13: Park Senior Villas, Tucson
5.19: Amber Lights, Tucson
5.22: House Concert, Tucson
5.27: 7-9p, The Jackrabbit Lounge, Tucson
5.30: Sierra del Sol, Tucson
6.2: Hefner Mansions, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
6.2: Southern Plaza, Bethany, Oklahoma
6.3: Spanish Cove, Yukon, Oklahoma
6.3: 6-9p, Crave Hotdogs & BBQ, Yukon, Oklahoma
6.4: Sunrise of Leawood, Kansas
6.4: The Forum @ Overland Park, Kansas
6.5: Sunrise, Overland Park, Kansas
6.7: *Hillside Terrace, Ann Arbor, Michigan
6.7: *Brookhaven Manor, Ann Arbor, Michigan
6.9: Harbor Trace, Hilliard, Ohio
6.9: First Community Village, Columbus, Ohio
6.10: Mallard Cove, Cincinnati, Ohio
6.10: 7:30-10p, Plain Folk Cafe, Plainview, Ohio
6.11: 7-9p, BellHOP Cafe, Bellbrook, Ohio
6.13: Arlington Pointe, Middletown, Ohio
6.13: Fox Run, Fairborn, Ohio
6.14: Springhills, Middletown, Ohio
6.15: St. Leonard, Dayton, Ohio
6.15: Vienna Springs, Dayton, Ohio
6.16: 12:30-1:30p, Normandy Church, Dayton, Ohio
6.16: Sycamore Glen, Dayton, Ohio
6.16: Austin Trace, Dayton, Ohio
6.17: The Glen, Cincinnati, Ohio
6.17: 5-9p, Harmony Hill Vineyard, Bethel, Ohio
6.18: 12-3p, Caesar Creek Flea Market, Wilmington, Ohio
6.19: 12-3p, Treasure Aisles Flea Market, Monroe, Ohio
6.19: 10 Worthington Place, Dayton, Ohio
6.20: Trinity of Miami Twp, Dayton, Ohio
6.22: The Regent, Wichita, Kansas
6.23: Cottonwood Point, Augusta, Kansas
6.23: 7-8p, Augusta Public Library, Augusta, Kansas
6.24: Lake Point, Augusta, Kansas
6.24: Larksfield Place, Wichita, Kansas

7.4: Watermark Continental Ranch, Tucson
7.8: Park Senior Village, Tucson
7.15: Sunrise @ River Road, Tucson
7.19: Atria Campana del Rio, Tucson
7.22: Desert Springs, Oro Valley
7.29: Sherwood Village, Tucson
8.2: Atria Campana del Rio, Tucson
8.12: Cascades of Tucson
Mountain Loop Tour August 2022
8.15: Paloma Landing, Albuquerque, New Mexico
8.16: Morningstar of Albuquerque, New Mexico
8.17: Castle Peak, Eagle, Colorado
8.17: 5:30-6:30, Vail Public Library, Vail, Colorado
8.18: 5:30-7:30p, 518 Wine Bar, Craig, Colorado
8.19: Deer Trail, Rock Springs, Wyoming
8.21: House Concert, Wilson, WY
8.22: Jackson Hole Hootenanny, Moose, WY
8.23: St. Johns Living Center, Jackson, Wyoming
8.24: 4-7p Summer Peoples Market, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
8.25: 3-4p Alta Library, Alta, WY
8.25: 6:30-7:30p Jackson Hole Senior Centers Kiwanis Steak Fry, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
8.27: Gracie's Gastropub, Salt Lake City, Utah

8.31: Broadway Proper, Tucson
9.7: Sierra del Sol, Tucson
9.14: The Watermark at Continental Ranch Marana
9.16: Brookdale Santa Catalina, Tucson
9.23: Park Senior Village, Tucson
9.30: Cascades of Tucson
10.7: Sunrise at River Road, Tucson
10.11: Sherwood Village, Tucson
10.13: Atria Bell Court Gardens, Tucson
10.14: Brookdale Santa Catalina, Tucson
10.15: 12-4p Pearce Wine Fest, Pearce Community Park, Pearce, Arizona
10.19: Broadway Proper, Tucson
10.21: 7-9p Willcox Historic Theater, Willcox, Arizona
10.27: Park Sr. Villas, Tucson
10.28: Atria Campana del Rio, Tucson
11.2: Ranch Estates of Tucson
11.4: Cascades of Tucson
11.11: Grosmont Gardens, San Diego, California
11.12: 7-10p Négociant Winery, San Diego, California
11.14: Sunrise of Sabre Springs, Poway, California
11.15: Brookdale Clairemont, San Diego, California
11.16: Atria Collwood, San Diego, California
11.17: Fairwinds - Ivey Ranch, Oceanside, California
11.17: Arcadia Sr. Living, Vista, California
11.23: Atria Valley Manor, Tucson*
11.25: Park Senior Villa, Tucson
11.30: Sierra del Sol, Tucson
12.5: Sandia Vista, Albuquerque, New Mexico
12.5: Palmilla Senior Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico
12.6: Ravenna Assisted Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico
12.6: Morningstar of Albuquerque, New Mexico
12.7: Montebello on Academy, Albuquerque, New Mexico
12.7: Watermark @ Cherry Hills, Albuquerque, New Mexico
12.8: Fairwinds-Rio Rancho, New Mexico
12.14: Broadway Proper, Tucson
12.15: Atria Manor, Tucson
12.23: Cascades of Tucson
12.28: The Watermark at Continental Ranch Marana
12.30: Brookdale @ Santa Catalina, Tucson

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